Snow Means Slow

Snow Means Slow

Winter Driving Tips

January 23, 2022 // 2 min. read

Safety tips for driving on snow and ice

Did you know 17% of all vehicle crashes happen in winter weather? Snow and ice make the roads dangerous for even the most experienced and cautious drivers. Below are a few tips for keeping everyone safer this season.



Before you head out on the road, make sure your vehicle is ready for the conditions. Make sure your battery, wipers and brakes are up to the challenge. And, when the snow falls, warm up your car and completely clear your windows, headlights and taillights so there are no obstructions to seeing the road or being seen by other drivers.


It’s pretty simple. It is harder to control and stop your vehicle on wet, icy and snowy roads. Slow down. Allow more time to get to your destination. And don’t follow too closely to the car in front of you. Give yourself 8–10 seconds between their back bumper and your front bumper.


Winter driving is hard enough. Don’t make it worse with worn tires. Put a quarter upside down in your tire’s tread. If you can see the top of George Washington’s head, it’s time to get new tires.


You should always wear your seat belt. Every person in the car. Every trip. Crashes can happen even if you follow every safety tip. And you can never account for other drivers.


Remember, safe driving saves lives. Slow down, buckle up, keep your eyes on the road and never drink and drive. And, if the weather is truly frightful, the best option is to stay home and make a cup of hot cocoa.

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