Speeding is Misleading

Our daily lives are hectic. We run from one thing to another, trying to find a quick fix to make up for lost time. But one fix that doesn’t work is speeding. In fact, it only saves about one minute a week. It’s time to ask yourself a question: is one extra minute a week worth putting your life and others at risk? The answer is no. Let’s slow down and live a little.

Face the Facts

Speeding is breaking the law — and even though that should be enough to slow you down, there are many other consequences too. Losing control of the vehicle, less time to account for sudden stops and risking the effectiveness of protection equipment are just a few. We know you’ve got someplace to be – but it’s better to arrive late than not at all.

South Dakotan lives were lost in 2022 due to speeding.
of SD traffic fatalities were related to speeding in 2022.
fine for speeding one to five miles over in SD.
speeding citations issued in 2022 in South Dakota.

Keep Yourself Safe

There are lots of easy ways to keep yourself safe from speeding. To avoid the temptation to speed, try leaving five minutes earlier than you intended. To avoid other drivers that are speeding, leave them plenty of space and let them pass. These simple speeding tips could be the difference between a fatal crash and going home to loved ones.


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