Judgment, decision-making, alertness, muscle coordination—driving impaired negatively affects many abilities that are essential to safe driving. Impaired driving can be caused by anything from using drugs to having an alcoholic beverage. When you choose to sit behind the wheel impaired, you’re choosing to put your life and the lives of other, innocent drivers on the line.

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A Break Down

Driving under the influence causes poor coordination and risky behaviors. The legal limit is .08, but even with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .05 you’ll have reduced coordination, loss of ability to track moving objects and decreased alertness. At a BAC of .08, you’ll have difficulty concentrating, trouble controlling speed and impaired perception of the road. At a BAC of .1, you won’t be able to maintain a lane or brake properly.

Americans killed per day in crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers.
killed in SD alcohol-related driving crashes in 2022.
or higher BAC is illegal.
died from 2013 to 2022 in SD crashes involving a driver who was alcohol impaired.

Do the Right Thing

You can prevent drunk driving crashes from happening. If you’re going to drink, plan a sober ride home before you take the first sip. Be a good friend and help the people you’re drinking with plan safe rides home. Finally, always wear your seat belt in the vehicle. It’s your first and best defense against those driving impaired.


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