The Cost of Distraction

Distracted driving comes in many forms, and we often underestimate its cost. Your full attention is needed on the road to drive safely. When your focus isn’t on the road, you increase the likelihood of crashing and injuring yourself or others. There is no social media post, snack, text, email or Snapchat that is worth dying for. Keep your eyes on the road.

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It’s The Law

Cell phone usage is the leading distraction for drivers. As of July 1, 2020, it is a Class 2 misdemeanor in South Dakota to use a cell phone while driving apart from hands-free phone calls, using a GPS app or for emergency purposes. When you take five seconds to answer a text, you’re essentially driving with your eyes closed. Keep those eyes on the road and put your phone away.

is the fine for using your cell phone while driving.
South Dakotans killed or injured in distracted driving related crashes in 2022.
People were killed nationwide in 2022 from crashes involving distracted drivers.
Americans killed per day in crashes involving a distracted driver.

It Can Wait

One easy way to avoid the distraction of your cellphone is to turn on airplane mode. Many devices also have a driving mode that pauses any notifications while driving to help you stay focused. If this isn’t enough to keep your eyes from wandering, place your phone in the trunk. If you point out distracted driving when you see it and lead by example, you make the roads a safer place for everyone.


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