Your decision to not wear a seat belt…

…Can Hurt A Lot of People.

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See for yourself.

A car accident doesn't just affect those involved in the crash.
It affects your family and your friends.

You can stop the hurt from ever happening. All you have to do is wear your seat belt.

The facts behind the buckle.

When you don't buckle up, bad things happen. REVEAL THE FULL FACTS BELOW.

Motor Vehicle CrashesMotor Vehicle Crashes
Seat Belt UseSeat Belt Use
Crash Related Injuries & DeathsCrash Related Injuries & Deaths

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Someone Needs You. Buckle Up.

Over the years, the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety has worked to prevent crash fatalities and help South Dakotans make buckling up a habit.

Watch our videos to see how this message has spread throughout the years. These videos may make you laugh, gasp or even cry. But at the end of the day, we hope they make you think about your safety and the safety of those in your vehicle.

Please, buckle up on every trip, every time – and make sure your passengers do, too. Because someone needs you.